Easy 3-Minute Stretch Reduces Knee & Back Discomfort
...Created and Demonstrated by Former NBA Player Jonathan Bender
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About Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is a former NBA player who was forced to retire from the Indiana Pacers due to a chronic knee condition in 2006. Soon after, Jonathan partnered with Purdue University to create unique solutions for joint discomfort. In 2009 after being out for 4 years...Jonathan used his own techniques to heal his knees and returned to play for the New York Knicks completely free of any knee discomfort.

My Philosophy On Joint Discomfort

Issues concerning the knee, hip and back are usually self inflicted and caused by long term neglect. 

An overloaded amount of pressure on one single joint for an extended period of time can cause a chain reaction.

This chain reaction can cause a negative effect on unrelated joints.

These conditions are considered to be the ROOT CAUSE of the problem and cannot be healed by temporary masking tools like drugs, replacements and surgery.

The simple stretch that you're gonna learn today is one of the major solutions for addressing the root cause of your discomfort...which is key!
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